Black Abbey Brewing

If you want to drink a great Belgian Style beer and have a conversation instead of staring at a TV screen then Black Abbey Brewing Company is the brewery for you.  John and Carl, the brewmasters and co-owners of  Black Abbey, are passionate about brewing delicious beer and creating an environment where people are more focused on the souls in front of them than their friends in cyberspace or the currently televised sporting event.  Only a blind man wouldn’t know he was in the brewery when he was drinking a beer at Black Abbey.  The taproom design is simple but unique making it a true taproom-brewery experience and featuring amazing wood work and tables from local artist Nate Akey of Five String Furniture.  The layout of the taproom and style of the tables are designed to encourage both strangers and friends to come together over a cold beer and talk.


The location of the brewery took me off guard at first being in the heart of a business district with no other breweries in the area…but after talking to John and Carl and learning that they both live about two minutes from the brewery everything made perfect sense.  The brewery is easily accessible being 2 minutes from I-65 and is surrounded by both chain and local restaurants which makes it a great stop before or after a meal.  We won’t judge you if that meal is breakfast.  They don’t have set tours but John made it clear that you are welcome to ask questions as you lean over the railing watching them brew fresh beer.  If you haven’t been to Black Abbey Brewing Company yet you definitely need to check it out and try some of their tasty beer.  You can scroll down to the bottom of the page for Location and Tap Room hours.




  • Tap Room Hours
    • Thursday and Friday 3:30pm – 8pm
    • Saturday 2pm – 8pm

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