Tennessee Brew Works

I don’t like to play favorites but…this is one of my favorite Nashville Breweries.  Why?…


First of all there are two amazing dudes behind this brewery that make incredible beer and run a sustainable business intentionally focussed on the local economy of Nashville.  I love meeting people who are passionate about what they do and Christian and Garr fit the bill.  One of my favorite things about Tennessee Brew Works is that the taproom was intentionally designed to allow you to experience the joy of drinking a beer in the brewery.  So many Nashville taprooms may as well be a bar that only sells one brand of beer because they are so far removed from the actual brewery.  When you drink a beer at Tennessee Brew Works there is no doubt you are in the brewery.  Whether you drink a Basil Ryeman at the upstairs bar with giant windows overlooking the brewery or at the downstairs bar located adjacent  to the brewery you have an excellent view and perfect experience of the beer in your glass.

If you decide to take a tour you will not be disappointed with Garr’s passion and knowledge for the beer that he took from his home garage to an amazing full scale microbrewery.  These dudes love beer and want you to have a full experience of their beer.  Their passion for their beer mixed with an outstanding brewery experience makes for the Nashville Brewery.





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